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Normal clear as a guild - 22/06/2017

We have begun our Tomb of Sargeras journey and cleared normal as a guild! Now we can focus on Heroic progression and meeting Kil'Jaeden again for that sweet Ahead of the Curve achievement!

We are still looking for some additional DPS players to fill out the roster (excluding Warlocks - Sorry!) if you are interersted and looking for a new guild we could be the place for you!

Onwards to Heroic kills!

We have cleared Nighthold on Heroic which completes our goal for the current tier!

Now that we have completed our goal of clearing content on Heroic, we will be working towards the odd Mythic kill!

See you all in patch 7.2 & the Tomb of Sargeras!

We managed 9/10HC Nighthold this week and now we start our journey to Gul'Dan Heroic! We made some very good progress on Gul'Dan on our first night on him on Heroic so hopefully by the next reset we should be able to say we are 10/10HC Nighthold and have our content aim clear!

We also after clearing upto Elisande but not really having the time to clear trash and start attempts ventured back to the Emerald Nightmare and "dipped our toes" into Mythic we managed to get Nythendra down before raid end, and look to continue this journey as soon as we have Heroic Nighthold clear!

Good job guys!

From his youth, the nightborne Tel'arn was fascinated by plant life... so we decided to kill him! :D

Pure is terrible at taking screeshots, but they dead yo.

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